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Drink Up! Game of Thrones Cocktails For Your Viewing Party


Photo by Amanda Picotte via Wine Spirits Food

What’s a viewing party without snacks, scrumptious food and some good drinks to get things started? GoT is mere hours away, and we are almost ready! All that’s left is a few drinks to get everyone going, or to keep up with the show.

Jon Snow, please be alive!

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Fun and Easy Oscar Party Games You Need!


Photo: Mary Costa via Studio DIY

What’s an awards viewing party without some fun games to get through the unbearably long telecast, or the cringe-worthy speeches? We’ve assembled some of our favorites that will surely make your party the best of the year!

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What to Serve at a #SharkWeek Viewing Party

It’s time for Shark Week! It’s another week’s worth of new programming celebrating the ocean’s top predators, so fluff your pillows and call a few friends over. Host a mini Shark Week viewing party!

Catch up and watch these shows the best way, with shark-inspired eats and treats! Come on in:

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