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If there were more hours in a day, Sarah would spend it watching Food Network, and worshipping Ina Garten. Until then, Sarah spends her time writing, re-reading Simone de Beauvoir, and sourcing for new sounds to obsess over. Sarah's current life goals includes mastering the art of pasta, and meeting Beyoncé. An avid traveller, Sarah is also on the quest to say hello to all the world's historical sites (At the same time, taste all the coffee and local cuisines she can muster!). Share her journey (or say hi!) on Instagram: @ularsawwaa

Vendor Highlight: Mission Picnic

Sometimes all you need is good ‘ol classics from the classic American picnic. To the good folks of San Francisco, this one’s for you.

We love us some sandwiches, and if you’re hankering for some, look no further than Mission Picnic!

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Drink Up! Game of Thrones Cocktails For Your Viewing Party


Photo by Amanda Picotte via Wine Spirits Food

What’s a viewing party without snacks, scrumptious food and some good drinks to get things started? GoT is mere hours away, and we are almost ready! All that’s left is a few drinks to get everyone going, or to keep up with the show.

Jon Snow, please be alive!

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What You Need For A Kick-Ass Game of Thrones Viewing Party


Photo: Alex Lau via Bon Apétit

We’re gearing up for the new season of GoT this weekend, and we’re pretty sure you’re at the edge of your seats too! We can’t wait to find out if Jon Snow is really dead (please no!), but until then.. Prep everyone around you with an epic Game of Thrones viewing party no one will forget!

(We promise, no Red Wedding type tips.)

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