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Welcome to Fiestah’s Blog! Have a theme idea, but no clue on where to start? Craving for something gorgeous to serve at a dinner party, but don’t know who to call? You’ve come to the right place! Join us as we journey into the world of event planning, where we share quick tips to help you organize The Best Event Ever. We’re here with you, from your Serious Corporate Event to your Living Room Oscar Viewing Party Extravaganza! You won’t ever have to feel overwhelmed again, because we’re here to connect you to the best vendors in town. From desserts to photography, we’ve got passionate folks who want nothing but to serve the very best to you!

We’ll even show you the alternative ways to have a good time in our city, with a vibrant spin on celebrating some of our most cherished holidays and festivals. So keep scrolling, and check back with us daily! We’ll always have something for you.

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