Vendor Highlight: Mission Picnic

Sometimes all you need is good ‘ol classics from the classic American picnic. To the good folks of San Francisco, this one’s for you.

We love us some sandwiches, and if you’re hankering for some, look no further than Mission Picnic!


Photo: Salumi Special via Mission Picnic

Spring of 2013 saw friends come together to design gourmet sandwiches with distinctive flavors, and that’s how Mission Picnic was born. All these folks want to do is create honest food and maintain the tradition of exceptional service and quality. It sounds like a simple purpose, but boy, do they deliver!

We know, we know. What could be so great about sandwiches? Anyone can make ’em. We promise you, not like Mission Picnic! It’s all about the tenderness, on top of the awesome flavor of their meats. They haven’t forgotten about the quality of bread either!

While there’s an array of goodies to try out, check out the Picnic Club. Think of hand pulled rotisserie chicken salad, crispy bacon, sharp cheddar, thick tomato, green leaf lettuce, kosher pickles, mayo and deli mustard on ciabatta. It sounds like a mouthful, but the taste is glorious!


Photo: San Franciscan via Mission Picnic

Another treat is the San Franciscan. So many have gushed over the hot pastrami, oven roasted turkey, melted provolone, tomato, red onion, pepperoncinis, crunchy lettuce, mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar on rustic French bread! Just looking at the images is making our mouths water. 

If meat isn’t really your thing for a main course, but you’re still up for some protein then The Devil’s Egg is right up your alley. This egg salad comes with crisp bacon on a brioche bun, topped with melted provolone. The Dish Blogger swears by this sandwich!

At Mission Picnic, it really comes down to freshly sourced ingredients to make simple, rustic food that will keep people coming back for more. So next time you’re in town, or need to serve a yummy bite, you know who to call!

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