What You Need For A Kick-Ass Game of Thrones Viewing Party


Photo: Alex Lau via Bon Apétit

We’re gearing up for the new season of GoT this weekend, and we’re pretty sure you’re at the edge of your seats too! We can’t wait to find out if Jon Snow is really dead (please no!), but until then.. Prep everyone around you with an epic Game of Thrones viewing party no one will forget!

(We promise, no Red Wedding type tips.)

Direwolf Bread


Photo: Alex Lau via Bon Apétit

Casual GoT viewer, or die-hard fan, we all can’t deny it. Direwolves are mad cool. So maybe getting a wolf-dog in real life might not be feasible, how about a bread shaped like one instead? We understand it’s no contest, but this bread sure is tasty! Get your template for the direwolf cutout here.

Jon Snow’s Snow Cones 

jon snow cones

Photo: BettyTurbo via Etsy

Is Jon Snow dead? Is he alive? We won’t know until the new season premieres on Sunday, but until then, have an ice cream! We love Tastemade’s quirky idea on creating White Walker Jon Snow cones, because.. ice cream makes everything better. (Except, maybe.. bring Jon Snow back to life.)

GoT Temporary Tattoos 
Before the show starts, gift everyone with a few temporary tattoos! It’s pretty, and it might be a way for everyone to bond to rid of the anxiety of waiting for the show… But really, it’s so pretty. It’s a great parting gift too! Get yours here.

What are some of your go-to ideas for an awesome viewing party?


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