Luscious Dessert Bar Ideas for Your Wedding!

Photo: Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah via Burnett's Boards

Photo: Angelworx Angelie Hafzullah via Burnett’s Boards

Planning a wedding and can’t seem to decide the type of sweet treats to serve your guests? Eliminate the stress, and just serve ’em all! A dessert bar/buffet/table at your wedding will be such a showstopper indulgence, it will definitely add the sweetness to your big day.

We’ve got a few tips on how to make the dessert bar dream come true, and the ultimate mouth-watering goodies to thrill everyone, after the cut!

1. It’s All About The Both of You! 


Photo: Dana Goodson via Loverly

It’s your wedding, so the sweet treats should be what you want. If the groom likes apple pies, then go with that! While cake pops are gorgeous, and easy to handle, this day should be a representation of the both of you, and your love story.

You can even create an interactive bar, where guests can customize their sweet treats. The possibilities are endless, so don’t forget to really do your dessert homework and work closely with your chosen vendors!

2. Coordinate Your Wedding Theme and The Dessert Spread


Photo:Jennifer S Rau Photography via Loverly

Once you’ve figured out what you want to offer on your dessert table, make sure you coordinate your wedding theme or colors with your dessert table! The dessert spread should be inviting, not a jarring eyesore that doesn’t gel with the decorations.

We love sugar sticks, which are an inexpensive way to add color and elegance to the dessert bar. Don’t forget to include labels to describe your sweet treats! Add a personal touch with anecdotes about why the specific dessert is significant to the both of you.

3. Edible Chocolate Glasses, Anyone?

Want something luxurious that will blow everyone’s mind? Forget cupcakes, or cookies. Edible champagne or dessert glasses is where it’s at! Bar Candy makes these perfect vessels, made from the highest quality Belgian chocolate. They come in a wide variety of flavor and color combinations so you can definitely customize based on your wedding theme. Mess free holders will also be provided, so no mopping required!

4. Razzle Dazzle Centerpiece! 

If you have the space (and the budget!), add further pizzazz to your dessert bar with a show stopping centerpiece, like the Corpse Bride inspired wedding cake above! It’s all about incorporating details of your theme into every single corner of your wedding. We can’t stress this enough, this wedding will be celebrating your love, so fit what’s relevant to the both of you!

If you’re really into making a statement, Disney’s introduced a seriously amazing image mapping projection technology. That’s right, fully customizable projections on your cake! It can be your wedding vows, videos, photo slideshows or illustrations of your love story. Anything is possible with Disney at Walt Disney World!

We have no doubt your wedding dessert bar will be a success! Don’t forget the doggie bags, in case guests want to bring some treats home. Nothing should go to waste!

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