Fiestah Presents: The Only Birthday Party Checklist You Need!

It could be an intimate birthday affair, or Mom’s 60th birthday bash. It’s possible to plan the best, hassle-free birthday party, ever! (With a little help, of course.)

It’s not just about the budget, or the decorations. Every single detail must count when planning a birthday bash. We break it down for you, after the cut, so you can plan something unforgettable like the total pro you really are!

Birthday Party Pre-Planning 
When To Start: One month before the party

1. Secure the perfect date. Get a rough idea of everyone’s schedules, and keep track of holidays. You wouldn’t want an empty party space!

2. Outline your guest list, and your budget. Decide who you want/need to invite. If you’re only able to accommodate 50 pax, then get to cutting down immediately so you’re saved from stress and over-spending!

3. Pick the venue (and the theme). If you want to host the party at the hottest restaurant or your favorite hotspot, get to checking immediately! The sooner you lock down the venue, the better. You don’t want to be left in the cold, other people may have similar party plans too.

4. Send out your invites. It can be snail mail, by hand, courier, Facebook page, email or pigeons. Get your guests to block the date, and time to digest your chosen theme!

Birthday Party Details 
When to start: At least 2 to 3 weeks before the party

1. Food: What’s a party without food? Once you lock down your venue, you can focus on what you want to serve. Buffet style is budget-friendly, ala carte is perfect if it’s a smaller group. Either way, you can check out our list of vendors who will sort it all out for you!

2. Beverage: How much alcohol do you really need? You’ll have to calculate the amount of confirmed guests x estimated number of drinks per guest. Check out the proper breakdown here! You’ll also need to check who won’t be drinking alcohol. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

3. Decorations: Start buying party supplies, and plan the type of decorations for your party space. If budget is an issue, remember it’s not always about the streamers. Candles, and DIY materials will always add the perfect touch.

4. Party Favors: To give or not to give? Party favors are not a must, but it would be great if you had a party favor as a keepsake. Don’t forget to incorporate your theme! We personally love photo booths, they’re awesome reminders of a great party and isn’t something guests will send to the bin.  Check out our list of photo booth vendors for all your party needs!

Birthday Party: Crunch Time! 
When to start: 1 week before the party

1. Remember to double confirm who’s getting the cake! If you’re not the one, set reminders so the person in charge will not forget.

2. Finalize the games/activities of the birthday party. How are you planning to entertain guests exactly? Alcohol isn’t the only way to have fun. This is the time to check the type of activities that will also tally with your theme. It’s all about consistency!

3. Confirm your music list. If you’re picky about the party music, or need something specific, start curating your music choices. Alternatively, use a music-streaming app!

4. Get some help. It can get stressful if you’re doing it all alone, so get someone on your team to help with the additional details and setup. The key here is delegation, so you won’t drown in party hell. A birthday party host needs to have some of the fun too!

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